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Rescue package for geothermal installations​

​Over time, a geothermal bore hole can get very cold and the recharge from the sun is not enough.​ Our complete rescue package contains all components to be able to recharge energy again.

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Large properties​

Large properties can also have problems with recharging if they have geothermal heat.​ In new construction, a very compact energy storage/accumulator can be drilled as it is optimized for the Solar Hybrids​. On older properties that do not have geothermal heat, it is possible to convert thanks to the compact energy storage.​ It is quite possible to drill under houses such as garage or similar.

Peak and backup energi​

​It is for example excellent to combine with district heating. In the summer, the district heating can help to heat up the energy storage and cold returns to the district heating plant in some municipalities give a discount on the variable tariff. At the same time, district heating is used for the production of tap hot water.​ In winter time, heat from the energy store is used to heat the house, with reduced variable district heating costs as a result.


The hotel’s consumption profile is well suited to our Cold Solar Hybrid which then can be fully utilized. The system then delivers a good mix of electricity, hot water, heating and cooling.​ At southern latitudes, sometimes the Solar Hybrids can be directly connected to the heat pump and an energy storage in ground can be excluded.